What are the best boat tours in Miami?

By Ryan Guerra

It may be hard to decide which boat tour to take when visiting Miami. We will share the top 4 boat tours that depart from Bayside Marketplace.

If you are new to Miami then the first thing you need to know is what is Bayside Marketplace. Bayside, as it is simply known, is a not only an outdoor shopping mall but it is a tourism hub to take bus tours, boat tours, speedboats, ferris wheels, fishing boats and many more. 

The main reason why Bayside is a hub is its location in Downtown Miami. It truly is convienently located making it an easy destinations to get to by public transportation, car, bus tour and more. Not only can you walk from the Metro Rail station but you can take the Metro Mover to get even closer. There is street parking and parking garage. There are also many hop-on hop-off bus tours that can pickup you up from a Miami Beach hotel and drop you off at Bayside. Either way, if you want some boat tour action then Bayside is the destination.

Island Queen Cruises

We first want to mention Island Queen Cruises since they are the oldest and longest running sightseeing cruise from Bayside Marketplace. Their history goes back to a time long ago even before Bayside Marketplace when it was named Pier 5 Fishing Pier. 

From these roots, the company continue operating and offering sightseeing cruises around Biscayne Bay. Through the years, the tour remained the same but it was the boats that would change. 

The first boat was a single deck boat for about 30 people. They in the 80s those boats changed and become a double-decker made of fiberglass. Currently, their boats all look the same and are all made with aluminum. Their model look and made specifically for their needs makes the boats stand out. 

For us, the boats are what makes them stand out.  

Bayride Tours

The next boat tour that departs from Bayside Marketplace is Bayride Tours. This company is a new player to the scene as they history is much younger than any other sightseeing cruise from Bayside Marketplace.

As the newcomer, what makes them so special is the current rate they offer the cruises at making them the most economical of all the boat tours. At $18.13 you will not find a better deal than that. 

They offer a stellar sightseeing cruise around the bay and as their fleet of boats grows they have some unique looking boats that trully is giving Island Queen Cruises a run for their money. 

Fiesta Cruises of Miami

Another boat company that has been operating from Bayside Marketplace is Fiesta Cruises of Miami. This company have been adding to their fleet of boats in the recent years and have really grown in ridership. 

Their boats are decked out and designed for fun which goes a lot with their name Fiesta Cruises. This name and the fun that takes place on the boats makes it a great choice for those visitors who are looking to let loose. 

El Loro Pirate Ship

And finally, there is the El Loro Pirate Ship. The unique thing about this is obviously the pirate ship. This is a fun ship for kids. 


In planning a trip to Miami, you will want to take a tour around Biscayne Bay and see why Miami is so beautiful. With its surrounding islands, mansions and expensive yachts you will want to take a ride through the bay yourself. But for which company is the best, we will leave that for you to decide. 

We think all the companies offer a similar narration. It’s the boat that makes the difference. From open air, to pirate ships to sleek yachts, you’ll want to decide which boat will make you the most content as you take a boat ride around the Miami.